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As we are based out of an 1800's hand-hewn log cabin, we strive to reflect our surroundings by curating only the best traditional products. We stock the most luxurious and affordable products that stand the test of time.  Our main sources for our products are from Canada and Europe. 

Image by Mike Setchell
About Our Leather
Image by Annie Spratt


Our products are built to last, from quad-milled French soaps to 100% cotton bedding. We believe in products that are not only luxurious but are also functional and built to last. We make sure the products are right for you through rigorous testing as if we do not believe in a product 100% you won't either. 


At Linens & Lavender, we believe in customer satisfaction and specialized quality experiences. We offer specially tailored services to suit your needs. Our building is fully accessible for all and we offer to ship anywhere in Canada as well.    

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